"Building the temple not made with hands"
The Adytum Builders Mailing List (aka the Builders' list) was started in 2008 by
several members of Builders of the Adytum (B.O.T.A.). In the absence of any
B.O.T.A.-sanctioned online forum, these members banded together to create this
unofficial group. It was felt that one run by active members would best serve the
needs of other B.O.T.A. students.
This free, nonprofit list is subscriber-owned and open to all who share similar
interests in the Western Mystery Tradition. It provides an online place for the
order's members to fraternize, giving students from around the world a means to
congregate and meet virtually. This makes it especially suitable for those who are
distant from other members.
The Builder's List follows traditional B.O.T.A. teachings and protocol as taught
by both Dr. Paul Foster Case and Rev. Ann Davies. Its focus is on the content of
the correspondence course lessons.
Common topics include Alchemy, Astrology, the Great Work, Qabalah, and Tarot,
as well as more mundane things like exoteric science, gardening, nutrition, family,
pets, jokes, etc; anything is open to discussion. We also share our personal
experiences -- the ups and downs of life as aspirants applying ourselves to the
instructions given in the lessons -- while doing our best to maintain a supportive
and harmonious atmosphere.
Whether you are a new B.O.T.A. member, or a lesson graduate, you will likely
feel at home with this group. The only requirement we have is that new sub-
scribers introduce themselves in a timely manner, using the admin address.
AFTER your self-introduction has been accepted by the admins, you will be
notified and can begin sending messages to the main list address.
For more information about B.O.T.A and training in the Western Mystery
Tradition, please refer to:
If you experience trouble accessing the mailing list signup page, or have any
questions, please send an email to admin(at)adytumbuilders.net, where the "(at)"
should be replaced by an "@".