Re: Symbolic plants for my dogs grave.

From: "Lynne Rudie, via Builders (" <>
Subject: Re: Symbolic plants for my dogs grave.
Date: May 6th 2018 9:55:02 a.m.
Hi Steve — I add my condolences to this beautiful thread and will send you light in my meditations. 

I'm not sure what climate zone you are in but Rosemary is often used as a plant of remembrance. Where I live, Rosemary doesn't usually overwinter but I always have at least one in a pot in my house. The fragrance is beautiful and calming, sometimes just walking by the plant spreads the fragrance and sometimes I run my palms over the branches so the fragrance will come with me in whatever I am doing. 

I do like the idea of the white rose, though. And, remember, the key says "death" on it, but as aspirants we know that it is really about rebirth. We are facing east when we look at the image so the run is rising, not setting. I believe that your departed dog will always be with you and, most probably, help you find a new companion when you are ready for one. 

Take good care of yourself and don't be afraid to grieve. 

On Sat, May 5, 2018 at 10:30 PM, Susan Kowitz, via Builders ( <> wrote:
From: Hi Steve, 
I haven’t yet looked at what you’ve received so far, but I have loved, lost, and buried dogs and cats. It is a big emptiness when the friend who was everywhere underfoot, on our lap, and in our home has to leave this plane. I have focused on what was special to that friend: a favorite spot in the garden, a tree that would have provided beloved shade, etc. I have tried to be very personal and individual about it always. THEN...... some new puppy disregards the spot, digs/ tills, etc. and this has seemed right too.

Kate Greenaway’s Language of Flowers seems to be available on project Gutenberg.

Mostly, I am thinking about you and hope you kept talking to your dog. She is near and knows you love her.

In L.V.X.,

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On May 5, 2018, at 11:40 AM, s. mantyka, via Builders ( <> wrote:

My dog died, I buried her, and I want to plant some flowers, plants, and or trees near or on her gave.  Does anyone have any ideas?


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