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Date: May 8th 2018 1:00:05 p.m.
Greetings Frater Jesse,

Although they get more dog-eared than in a 3 ring binder, I do best putting lessons into spiral binders. This format allows folding them back to take less space on my lap. The special punch was a big initial investment and not all of the courses fit nicely into just one spiral (solved, by ‘part A’ ‘part B’ etc). Any file folder or or other cardboard folder can be cut along the spine to make a fairly durable cover. This is also an excellent system for piano music which has a tendency to close up and fall. I was never a gifted musician, but if all I can play is ‘Silent Night’ then I would like the music to stay open to support my efforts.

It was discussed once on this list that finding a good dictionary from the era in which the lessons were written and using it to look up key words from the lessons adds depth and correct understanding to the material. I have found this to be so and it has contributed much to my understanding of words in general. Finding the dictionary took a bit of doing as many ‘vintage’ dictionaries sold online seem to be aimed at people who use them in craft projects. The 1922 Webster’s on my table came from the same used bookstore in Seattle’s university district that provided a nice Metaphysical Dictionary from Unity.

I hope you enjoy your studies!

In L.V.X.,
Upper left corner of USA’s lower 48

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For Frater Jesse and other new students.

Save your lessons.  

A personal suggestion.  Get a few sturdy 3 ring binders and a 3 ring hole puncher.  Put the lessons in order into the Binders.  You can also write on the colored cover of the lesson
what Key is the major topic of that lesson.  As you progress through the lessons you will have several Binders and will easily be able to find or referrence information.

Others may have similar suggestions also.

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Can anyone suggest how to study properly? The delivery suggest that with four lessons per month, there is a one weeks worth per lesson. Do I read the lesson every day for a week? Or is it read one day then ruminate for the rest of the week? Any help here would be appreciated


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