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Date: May 8th 2018 6:35:04 p.m.
Hi Tom! That's a beautiful job framing those keys, thanks for sharing. Did you color those keys? The ones in my PFC Tarot books (I have an older one and a new one with the index) and they are all in black and white. I have known people who cut the color keys out of a Book of Tokens, and someone who scanned them to print and laminate in a small size so he could keep the key he was studying in his pocket or on his dashboard as he went through the day.

I have the extra large tree of life poster on the wall in my studio so I can see it as I sit at my computer. (I am a graphic designer and I work at home so this puts the poster in my direct line of sight for much of the day, and sometimes even late into the night.) I find that the keys are large enough in the poster to verify details if I walk over to it — I can see the spatial relationships of the sephiroth and the keys (all 32 paths) from across the room.

Thanks everyone!

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Tom, I love this !!!!

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Hi Lynne,

My 22 Keys from the book ‘The Tarot, a Key to the Wisdom of the Ages’ are hanging on the wall (see att.) so I can watch them any time attentively.

In L.V.X.,



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Yes! Looking at the key is really important, thanks for adding that. 


At a retreat a Northeast Regional Retreat few years ago one of BOTA's ministers said that on a day when you can't do any other study, spread your keys out and look at them. 






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Yes!   Read the most recent lesson everyday for a week and have the Key discussed in the lesson in front of you.  As I recall from the earliest lessons, you should look at the Key for

5 minutes after reading the lesson. 


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Can anyone suggest how to study properly? The delivery suggest that with four lessons per month, there is a one weeks worth per lesson. Do I read the lesson every day for a week? Or is it read one day then ruminate for the rest of the week? Any help here would be appreciated













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